An HVAC contractor’s job is not an easy one. Technicians run risks of falling from exceptional heights, being electrocuted during installations and in the summer when places like the average attic can get to upwards of 160 degrees in certain areas! In 2016, a young HVAC technician named Aaron Palmer collapsed in the attic of a home he was there to service. Despite being rushed to the hospital, the heat had been too much for him. Tragedies such as these occur nation-wide every year. It’s because of stories like these that we sought to prevent such tragedies through modern technology.

Staying Safe by Staying Smart

Thanks to our Apple Smart Watches, our technicians can work safely because their heartrates are being monitored along with the temperatures of their given work environment. When things start to look risky, they’re notified and use the chance to get away from the heat, rehydrate, recharge before getting back to work.

Keeping up with the Times

We here at EcoZapp succeed at keeping up with the ever-changing world of communication. Like the technology of HVAC systems, smart technology has made leaps and bounds in just the last few years alone. By using this tech, we have continued to remain organized, in touch and prepared to effectively perform our services for hassle-free, easy-going client experiences. We do this because to us, you aren’t just some customer, you’re our neighbor and we genuinely care.


27 Year Old Lubbock Ac Worker Dies After Found Unconscious In An Attic

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