Here are some of the many HVAC related services that we offer:

Need to have info about the following

  • UV lights for your coils
  • Air Duct Replacement
  • Air Duct Cleaning
  • Furnace replacement
  • Condenser replacements
  • Air handlers
  • Freon Leaks
  • Compressor replacements

Why Goodman products?

Many reasons, and we even made a page for them here!

What the difference between Goodman dealers, and Private label Goodman dealers

  • Being private label goodman dealers carries many benefits to both EcoZapp and our customers including:
  • Access to higher efficiency equipment with higher SEER ratings
  • Access to ongoing weekly training
  • More ways for us to finance
  • 10 year warranties!
  • Lifetime compressor warranties

What is a SEER rating

SEER rating is the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating, this determine how efficient your equipment is

Does EcoZapp provide a Manuel J?

Yes, we send all bids with a 7-15 page manual J report

Does every new system come with a 10-year maintenance agreement?

Yes! But with a few exceptions, like being out of our service area!

Does every new system come with 10-years of air filters?

No , but we do offer air filters at very low prices compared to big box stores, and can order 10 years of filters for you.

What is the quality assurance process?

A few steps in quality assurance involving pictures, and one week follow up by licensed professional

10 year of biannual maintenance would probably be our biggest quality assurance follow-up process