It’s that time of year again when the sun rolls up its radioactive sleeves and puts North America the test, but the South arguably gets the worst of it. With the temperature rising to an almost literal boiling point and the humidity leaving you wandering why you don’t just wear a swimsuit everywhere, you quickly find yourself begging for the colder months to return. Today, EcoZapp is here to give you some tips on ways to beat the heat all summer long! We’ve done the research and found a few cost-effective ways to stay cool in your home.

Routine Maintenance

Let’s just get the obvious out of the way. Whether it’s the yearly, monthly or daily things, your HVAC system requires consistent, routine maintenance and the best person to keep track of those things is you.

  • Yearly duties mean getting professional work done on your system at the best times of the year which are Spring and Fall. They’re the least busy times, things are easier and bit cheaper, and you’ll be ready for the harder seasons.
  • Monthly duties include checking and changing the air filters, cleaning the house and air vents.
  • Daily duties would be leaving wind facing windows open in the evenings and mornings, and opening/closing them as needed.

Reducing Appliance Usage

We all love our downtime and many of us love to cook a hot meal and then sit in front of the TV for a few hours after a long day. On top of that, we usually leave appliances running throughout the house that we could easily unplug such as printers, coffee makers, hair driers and more. More often than not, it’s just because we forget. By cutting back on all these things and setting reminders for you and your family, you can help lower the temperature of your home just enough to save some money on the monthly bill!

General Heat Hacks!

There are a couple of cheap and easy ways to hack the heat. Try installing black out curtains on all the sun-facing windows. This helps with preventing hot sunlight from entering the home and can also be great for when you wanna just take a nap. Invest in some chalking to help seal your doors and windows to prevent cold air from leaving and hot air from getting in. Creating a cross breeze through the house by opening windows at both ends of the outside wind path will help bring in fresh air that flows more freely through the home. These are just a few ways you can fight the heat, but there are hundreds of others out there like building homemade coolers and fans. We recommend looking on Pintrest for some cool DIY projects that can cool things down a bit for everyone in your home.

Let EcoZapp A/C Efficiency Help You Keep Cool!

Whether you are interested in air conditioning installation or A/C repair in College Station, EcoZapp A/C Efficiency has the solutions you need to stay cool this summer without causing your cooling costs to rise! Our trained and certified technicians can assist you with your A/C repair needs, as well as the installation of Goodman AC units. If you want to learn more about the ways you can keep your home cool this summer, start with a free consultation from EcoZapp A/C Efficiency.