With the temperatures hitting the mid-90s, it almost seems like we skipped spring after the winter and went straight to summer! Though summer’s official start isn’t technically until June 21st, many homeowners in Texas have already kicked on their air conditioning system. In cities like College Station, air conditioning is one of the best ways to escape the heat as long as your A/C unit is well maintained and in good working condition. However, there are plenty of other ways you can heat-proof your home and stay cool from the sweltering and dry Texas heat without having to kick on your air conditioner. To help out, we are going to share some energy-efficiency tips and ways to may your home a cool and comfortable living environment the remaining part of this spring and in the summertime!

Be Aware of Sunlight

When you are trying to heat-proof your home in Texas, it certainly takes some careful planning. One way to keep the heat of your house is to be aware of the sunlight and work with it. When sunlight enters your home, it can quickly increase the inside temperature. Even when the sun is shining on your roof or on the windows, it can cause the temperatures to rise. And if you have an air conditioner running, this could cause your system to constantly run in order to keep up with the temperature changes. One way to prevent the sunlight from entering your home is by shading or covering both north- and south-facing windows when the outside temperatures are high. This is because the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, and having shades or curtains in the north and south windows will help with blocking the heat out. In addition, outside trees and plants planted on the east and west sides of your house can be very helpful in blocking sunlight.

Create A Cooling Cross Breeze

A breeze can be a true natural gift when the temperatures are rising, especially if you are trying to not use your AC unit to save money. One way to keep your home cool and fresh is to create a cross breeze. This can simply be done by opening windows or doors that are on opposite sides of your home. Doing this will allow air to enter in and out of your home, making it a cool, refreshing and comfortable living environment. If you can’t seem to get a cross breeze going in your home, try placing fans near each opposing windows, one blowing air in and the other blowing it out. Once you’re able to create a steady cross breeze, the inside temperature of your home can lower by about seven degrees.

Reduce The Amount of Cooking

While most people would suggest staying in and cooking instead of dining out to save money, cooking and baking at home can increase the temperature inside your home. In fact, cooking is one of the biggest causes of increased temperatures inside your home — something you don’t want to do when it is already over 95 degrees outside. Your best bet to keep your home cool is to avoid using the stove, oven, and other kitchen appliances that give off heat. If you must use the oven to bake something, try not to open the oven door as much to prevent the heat from escaping, and try to use it in the evening.

Unplug Unused Electronics

While it may seem like a minimal step, unplugging the electronics in your home that are not being used can make a difference in the temperature. Even when they are not being used, if electronics are plugged in, they can still use up electricity. In order to prevent passive heat generation, consider unplugging electronics, like the TV, device chargers, and computers, when they are not being used.

Keep Unused Rooms Closed Off

If you have one or more rooms in your home that isn’t being used, make sure to close the duct vents inside as well as the door to help keep your home cool. Doing this makes one less room your system has to cool, allowing it to cool the rest of your home faster!

Consider Sealing Your Home

The garage door, attic hatch, and windows are just a few of the many areas in your home where hot air can easily seep in and cause the temperatures inside to rise. To prevent heat from coming in, it is important to inspect all the potential areas of entrance and seal where necessary. All you need is some chalking, and you should be set!

Allow Cold Air Inside

Even in the summer, when the air is warm and dry, the outside air can cool down at night and during the early morning hours.  You can keep your home cool by taking advantage of these chillier times by opening all of the windows in your home. Whether at night or in the early morning, if the outside temperature is cool, allowing the air to enter through doors and windows will quickly decrease the temperature inside. However, it is critical to remember that to close the windows before the temperatures begin rising again, or else your home will warm up quickly.

Invest In Wall and Roof Insulation

Although this may be a more pricey solution to cooling down your home, the right insulation for your roof and walls can go a long way in keeping your home comfortable during the summer months. If your home does not have insulation, you can find it at just about any hardware store, or have it installed professionally. When the roof and the walls in your home are properly insulated, it can help prevent the heat from moving through the walls and making the inside of your home muggy and hot.

Get Your Air Conditioner Maintenanced

Even though you may be trying to avoid switching on your air, there could be an issue that is causing your energy bills to rise. Typically, well-maintenanced and cared for A/C systems will not run up your energy bill too much. A new air conditioning system will likely reduce your cooling costs and keep your home nice and cool in the summer. Similarly, if something is wrong with your air conditioning unit that is causing your energy bills to rise, professional A/C repair can help your unit become efficient and effective when it comes to cooling your home. Whichever route you decide to go, be sure to contact your local HVAC company.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to keep your home comfortable and cool during these hotter months. Of course, using an air conditioning unit will cool your home quicker than other methods, but it will only be efficient if it is in good working condition.

Let EcoZapp A/C Efficiency Help You Keep Cool!

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