Is regular maintenance required by the manufacturer to keep up warranties?

Mostly- yes.  Most manufacturers require was a year maintenance performed by a professional to maintain most warranties. This is one reason why we offer a 10-year maintenance agree with any new system purchase

Is repair work included in maintenance plans?

No, but it sure can help prevent issues from occurring.  We do offer 10% off any repair work if on a maintenance plan.

Is there a charge for a service call if needed between visit?

We offer a free service call once a year in-between set services if on a maintenance agreement.

How will this help my Air Quality?

Yes! Regular cleaning (or the installation of a UV light) can help prevent growth inside your system in which the air blows over.

Does the service include air filters?

With the Plus Media Filter package, yes! We include both the filter and changing of the filter during regular visits.  If no media filter and regular 1inch filter we do sell a year supply of monthly filters separately.

What if my system ever needs to be replaced?

Every system will become inefficient, or incapable of working and under our maintenance plans you will receive 10% discount off our regular price plus any money originally paid for current agreement.

I have rental properties, is there bulk pricing?

Yes, we offer discounts for having multiple systems in different locations.  Simply contact us and we can get you more information

If I need service fast, how fast can you get to my issue?

Our customers we see twice a year will get priority.

How much money with this save me in the long run?

Likely very much more than you’ll ever pay us from just the twice a year visits which keep systems running efficiently. Hopefully thousands from prolonging the life of your system.

Is Arctic Blast included in maintenance plans?

No, Arctic blast is only needed once, but there is a discount for our air quality and energy efficiency products and services!