1. Come Visit EcoZapp A/C Efficiency at the Senior Expo

    EcoZapp will be at the Senior Expo May 9th at the Brazos County Expo Center  EcoZapp A/C Efficiency will be at the Senior Expo May 9th.  This is our now 3rd year of attending this fun event.  A couple of our Efficiency & Comfort Advisors will be available to answer any and all questions you m…Read More

  2. Air Quality with your Air Conditioner

    Air Quality – Air Conditioning Based on the number of issues that can result from breathing in unhealthy or unsafe air, improving your air quality is one of the best things you can do to improve your health. Who is Affected by Poor Air Quality? If you are one of the over 50 million Americans suffe…Read More

  3. Better Indoor Air Quality

    Better Indoor Air Quality   Everyone wants clean, breathable air in their work and home environment.  It helps control allergies and keeps our homes, where we likely spend most of our time, healthy.   What can you do to get the better indoor air quality you deserve? What Better Indoor Air Quality…Read More

  4. Goodman Manufacturing – Local Economy

    EcoZapp and Goodman Manufacturing – Partnering for a Strong Local Economy     To experience continuous growth and success in any business, it takes commitment and a forward-thinking attitude. A successful business focuses on continuously providing better products and services to their cu…Read More

  5. How far you A/C System Travels to get to Houston

    Send me your Location: Lennox, Carrier, Trane and Goodman Manufacturing  EcoZapp is not satisfied with the status quo. EcoZapp is a company that prides itself on its ability to adapt to an ever-changing market place and customer demand. In a world full of technological advancements and improvements…Read More

  6. Info about your A/C’s Efficiency

    AC Efficiency Rating   One of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a new air conditioning unit is the AC efficiency rating.  As a consumer, you want to invest in the most efficient AC unit for the money.  Checking the AC efficiency rating is a reliable method of purchasing the b…Read More

  7. Improve Efficiency reduces waste

    Improve Energy Efficiency Conserving energy is an absolute necessity for the preservation of natural environmental resources and keeping them protected. Understanding the importance of saving valuable resources and conserving energy is a real-life challenge.  The collective decisions of consumers h…Read More

  8. SEER Rating and Efficiency

    AC Rating – SEER Efficiency When it’s time to update the AC unit in your home or business, it’s time to look at potential replacements by first understanding the AC rating and SEER efficiency. What is an AC Rating? At one point or another, you realize that it’s just not cost efficient to kee…Read More

  9. Energy Efficieny Technologies for A/C Systems

    Energy Efficient Technologies While following EPA standards is critical for producing and maintaining energy efficient AC units, another key factor is the use of the latest in evolving advances in technology to create even better running units. Designing and Incorporating Energy Efficient Technologi…Read More