Scientists believe that the reason cold and flu infections spike during winter has nothing to do with the cooler air and everything to do with the fact that people stay indoors more, breathing in all of that contaminated air. If the air is not filtered or purified, viruses and bacteria multiply quickly in confined spaces. 

Dust, pollen, pet dander, and dirt build at rapid speeds and have nowhere to go except inside of you. Your air quality may not be any safer during the rest of the year, either. This is due to mold, dust, pet dander, bacteria, and other microscopic allergens that can cause several short & long-term health problems.

These risks aren’t limited to confined spaces in homes. Small and large buildings are at the same risk of indoor pollution. To reduce the risk of these pollutants, most air conditioners and heaters are now equipped with air purifiers. In fact, this has become a standard requirement in the most sensitive places such as factories, food manufacturers, hospitals, airports, schools, etc.

EcoZapp A/C Efficiency is an HVAC company on a quest to make sure every home and business is equipped with the tools they need to be able to breath easier and have an overall healthier life. EcoZapp strongly believes that breathing safely is not a luxury, but should be a right afforded to each individual. This is why their techniques involve both cost-effective and efficient designs while still ensuring top quality in parts and service.

To accomplish the mission of increasing the quality of indoor air , EcoZapp uses an assortment of products designed to best purify your air while being gentle on your wallet. Some of these tools include the use of Media Filters, Reme Halos, and UV Coil Sanitizers.  This Combo is part of EcoZapp’s Healthier & Cleaner Air Services.  One of which sets this company apart from most heating and air conditioning companies.

Media Filters

Media filter work inside of you’re A/C or Heating Unit by grabbing small and large particles from the air as it moves through the room. You don’t have to be a smoker or pet owner to end up with the pollutants in your home or business. Smoke and pet dander can travel between individual buildings and joined units within range of eachother. Local farmers who are plowing and dusting their crops can also unknowingly cause harmful effects within your property line, inside and out. This is how disease and other health problems spread. Media Filters stop dust, bacteria, dander, pollen, and smoke particles before they have a chance to affect your breathing quality or contaminate surfaces. Because Media Filters are designed to work efficiently, they are also easy and affordable to maintain.  The Design of Media Filters enabled air to flow over usually 5 inches of filtered area compared to usually 1 inch which is standard in most air conditioning systems.

UV Coil Sanitizers

A bit more high-tech than Media Filters, but just as easy to maintain. They use an ultraviolet light to eliminate mold and bacteria. One added bonus is that on top of reducing pollutants, they also enhance the fragrance of your living space or work area. This isn’t limited to just the air, but applies to the unwanted particles in carpets and other surfaces as well.

By decreasing these contaminants, they also remove germs and odors in the HVAC Units. They keep the internal system operating at full benefit by consistently cleaning the ducts and removing the contaminants. This helps you’re A/C and Heating Units to work properly and efficiently, saving you money and time as a result.

Reme Halo Air Purifier 

One of the best air purifiers on the market. Its design, how well it works, its efficiency, and its affordability set this as one of these best purchases home owners can make for their home.  Business owners and even schools can calculate the ROI in the reduction in the number of sick days employees have using this product.

This Air Purifier installed in your Duct system produces a plasma made of natural, earth-friendly hydrogen-peroxide (similar to the bottle in your bathroom) and delivers it to each room through the ducts and out the vents. The “plasma” is microscopic and dispersed with the air in the room each time you turn on the A/C or Heater. You don’t even notice it. It makes your home or office smell clean to visitors.  Other purifiers only filter the dirt as it enters the unit. Reme Halo takes a proactive approach and “scans” the room for these invaders. It then targets them before they have a chance to move through the air and make you or your loved ones sick. For those particles who do manage to make it through the air to the unit, the plasma forces the particles to stick together, almost like a magnet, which makes them easier for the filter to identify and stop in their tracks.

The developers have even gone to the extent of building “sneeze machines” to test the effectiveness of this technology.   According to the manufacture and tests confirmed by universities, the Halo Reme kills 99% of sneeze germs within 3 feet.  This means air borne illnesses have a far greater likeliho

od of spreading throughout your home or business.    One sick kid or a sick coworker can have less effect on spreading germs with this Air Purifier.  As well as being low voltage and cleaning your ducts for mold and growth as well, make the Halo Reme a must have.

Because the Reme Halo has a two-part air purifying process, it is able to catch much more contaminants than competing products. This results in a reduction of coughing, sneezing, wheezing, and other health problems. Simply put, you will feel better in the short & long-term. If you have pets or smokers nearby, this product will reduce those contaminants as well. In fact, the Remo Halo kills 99% of viruses and

has been approved by the military for hospital use. It also received the thumbs up for use in food processing plants from both the FDA and USDA. The Reme Halo also aids in cleaning up water damage by making the resulting mold and spores inactive.  Following any flood damage, these product my be extremely beneficial.

The MSRP on a combo like with the Reme Halo, Media Filters, or UV lights to be installed may very will cost around $3,300 with many A/C Companies. For EcoZapp customers ( including 10 year maintenance agreement customers), receive this product combo and installation for usually 30-50% less depending on the specifications of your home.

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