1. Goodman A/C replacement discount for Harvey Flooded houses

      Homeowners whose air conditioning units were destroyed or damaged by Hurricane Harvey have less than two weeks to take advantage of Goodman's “Operation Returning Comfort”. Until June 30, 2018 Houston-based Goodman Manufacturing is offering up to 25% in discounts on new home air conditioning …Read More

  2. R-22 Systems- Replace or Risk the Wait ?

    If your home air conditioning was installed before 2010, you’ll have a big decision to make very soon.  2010 marked the date that equipment manufactures had to stop building air conditioning units that use R-22 (Freon) as the refrigerant.  R-22 is a Hydrochlorofluorocarbon, or HCFC, and when rel…Read More

  3. Helpful Tips To Keep Your Home In College Station Cool This Summer!

    With the temperatures hitting the mid-90s, it almost seems like we skipped spring after the winter and went straight to summer! Though summer’s official start isn’t technically until June 21st, many homeowners in Texas have already kicked on their air conditioning system. In cities like College …Read More

  4. Energy Efficiecnt A/C Systems

    Over time any machine or piece of equipment will wear out and start to break down more frequently.  Your car gets worse gas mileage as the years go by.  That old computer is slower and slower each month.  The same holds true for your home air conditioning unit.  As it gets older the efficiency d…Read More

  5. Reasons To Get Your AC Serviced Before The Summer

    The temperatures in Texas are already starting to touch the nineties and many people have already fired up their air conditioner to escape from the warm temperatures. Many homeowners haven’t used their air conditioning unit in months, and that likely means the system is in need of a little TLC to …Read More

  6. 10 Signs You Need A/C Repair In College Station

    There may not be an item that Texas homeowners rely on more in the summer than their air conditioner. Without them, it's hard to beat the unbearable heat and humidity. While annual air conditioning maintenance is the best way to ensure your system operates effectively, efficiently, reliably througho…Read More

  7. Creative Ways to Finance Your A/C System

    Creative Ways to Finance Your A/C System An A/C system can be an expensive, but necessary, upfront cost on a household with the average cost in Texas to purchase and install a new air conditioning unit being $5,944 with a typical range of $4,327 to $7,966. The national average is lower than Texas’…Read More