Today, we here at EcoZapp A/C Efficiency would like to dive into the basics of air flow. Improving air flow in your home can mean being more comfortable and spending less on your monthly utility bill. Poor air flow is a common problem for homeowners, especially in older homes, where some rooms get too much air and others get too little. There are a variety of causes that can be responsible for this issue, and solutions for all of them.


Adjusting the Dampers

Before spending a lot of time and money, take a look at your dampers. A lot of times, these are not adjusted throughout the year and it’s often the reason for poor air flow. The damper is that little lever attached to the duct work coming from your indoor AC unit, found in your mechanical room. This lever allows you to direct air to different areas of your house and control the flow levels to each of those areas. If the lever is parallel with the duct, then the damper is open and if it’s perpendicular, then it’s closed. During the hotter months, you’ll want to open your damper so that the air gets distributed equally throughout the house. In the winter, keep the damper closed so that more heat can gather without being pushed around too much.

Checking the Air Filter

You may have one or a few of these, but air filters can get clogged over time which can restrict the air flow in your home, hike up your bill and even put you at risk for a fire. Many other factors can weigh in on how often you should change your air filter, including pets, smoking, the number of people in the home, how often people come and go, and more. If you live alone and don’t smoke or have pets, then it’s recommended that you change your filter every 2 to 3 months. But families, active smokers and or pet owners should try to change their air filters monthly. While there are ways to clean the filter you have, it’s more recommended to simply replace it.

Checking for Leaks

There are many places where air might be leaking out, such as through windows, doors and even walls. Even the smallest leaks can impact your monthly bill. However, they’re as easy to find as they are to fix. Using incense smoke near the windows, doors and cracks in the walls can reveal leaks and tell you wear you’ll need to apply either caulk or weather-resistant tape.

Checking the Condition of the Insulation

Bad or old insulation is often overlooked because there’s just so much of it. Checking the insulation is a harder process and typically requires a professional energy auditor who performs a heat scan and energy assessment of your whole house. While this can take a while, it can be an effective way to reveal both leaks as well as bad insulation.


When to Call the Pros

If you’ve done all of this and the air flow in your house continues to struggle, then it’s time to call the professionals. There may be something you aren’t sure about or you may not have the time or tools to approach the situation comfortably. Here in the College Station/Bryan area, EcoZapp can give you back the comfort you and your family deserve by providing an inspection and any needed HVAC service for your home. Our team is always ready to answer your questions and do what needs to be done to fix the air flow that